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Joyful Movement & Creative Living with Life Coach Jolynne Anderson

Even though you know you’re a creative person, do you sometimes feel stuck or uninspired? Do you have dreams that you’re not even sure are possible or a current situation that seems to prevent the growth and transformation you’d like to see?

“What’s going to give you your life force, that energy and that mindset to be able to Be in life, embracing even things like pain, circumstances, and events?” -Jolynne Anderson

In episode #71 of the A Blythe Coach Podcast, available as a YouTube video as well as an audio-only podcast below, you have the treat of meeting Jolynne Anderson, my original life coach and an inspiring person of possibility. She’ll give you just the boost you need, tools to get to your authentic self, and a process to reinvent every aspect of your life.

[One note: If you watch the video version of this podcast on YouTube below, I apologize for the quality of my video in the recording: I made a rookie mistake and hadn’t selected my better streaming camera on Zoom, so I’m not looking into the poor-quality webcam that is recording me from below. Please just focus on Jolynne’s video, which looks great!]

Podcast 071: Jolynne Anderson on YouTube

Podcast 071: Joyful Movement & Creative Living with Life Coach Jolynne Anderson YouTube

Podcast 071: Jolynne Anderson Audio Only

Podcast 071: Joyful Movement & Creative Living with Life Coach Jolynne Anderson Audio

Coach Jolynne’s Bio

Jolynne is Power, Play, Compassion, Joy, Wisdom, and Leader!  She is a BREAKTHROUGH coach who is a Personal Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation since 2009.  She is passionate about supporting people who want to make a difference in the world to reclaim their personal power to give them access to TRUE fulfillment, joy, and adventure.  To be unapologetically THEM.  She works with people that want to ignite their own fire.  She supports people to be passionate creators and leaders in their own lives and relationships. To actually live a life of their dreams, instead of just dreaming about it, and to generate a living out of doing what they love.

She is a leader coach and trainer at Accomplishment Coaching, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation and has a reputation for being one of the finest coach training programs in the world, you can find them at www.accomplishmentcoaching.com   

Jolynne is Certified in Conversational Intelligence™, which is based in Neuro-Science, a method that supports individuals and organizations by teaching and coaching on how to have difficult conversations, create trust and evoke innovation with amazing relationships and exponential growth.    

She has coached and trained many clients and organizations, including: the United Nations (UN) World Population Fund, Microsoft, Nike, Canadian government, Cayman Island Government , State government, Professional Golfers, Stay at Home Moms.  

She works with all different people, in different places in their life.  What they all have in common is they are ready to say Hell yes to what is next in their life even if they don’t think it is possible. 

Our Work Together

I met Jolynne back in 2007, as I embarked on my own coach training with Accomplishement Coaching. Having coached students with InsideTrack, I wanted to learn more about the larger field of coaching and take a certification program that would train me to work with clients in private practice while making my own dreams come true.

It was an intensive experience, involving monthly training weekends in the Columbia Tower in Seattle (I was living in Portland, Oregon, at the time), difficult conversations, unbelievable growth, and weekly coaching sessions. I got my first coaching clients and met incredible coaches who are colleagues to this day.

My life truly would not be the same without the Accomplishment Coaching program and Jolynne’s powerful and compassionate support. After my graduation, I continued to learn by serving as a support coach in the program and coaching clients while I transitioned to Honolulu and my MFA in Dance. Coaching is a constant part of my work as a dance educator and I also welcome personal coaching clients – reach out for a complimentary consultation if you’re curious!

Key Insights and Takeaways

I found our whole discussion packed with value and hope you do, too! You can find specific moments in our conversation again by using the Chapter Time Stamps in the YouTube video, and some of my highlights follow…

Jolynne loves working with creatives: though sometimes they take it as a burden, she helps them shake it off, get back to true center, and create the lifestyle they want.

Coaching is a very personal experience: no two clients are the same, you can’t apply a cookie-cutter approach, but the process requires a lot of foundational work about clients’ needs, desires, habits, highest commitment, essence, and purpose as well as structures of support. Jolynne uses a lot of internal work, her own intuition, and co-creates clients’ future visions.

“Each person’s music is different.” – Jolynne Anderson

Facing challenging times: We can pivot and face tough situations, such as global pandemic and business challenges, learning new skills to take our offerings online and serve our community. And it is also ok

Daily Rituals that set us up to win: Jolynne likes to go outside first thing in the morning, put her toes in the grass, and listen. Some folks like to get up and meditate or run. Your own inspiring ritual might look different, but what is important is to find what lights you up and connects your to your true self and purpose in the morning, evening, and all day long.

Free & joyful movement every day: as a young dancer, Jolynne discovered that music feeds her soul, and although she’s a recovering perfectionist with a competitive dance background, free dancing continues to be an important part of her daily ritual. She said her own coach tell when she hasn’t been dancing!

Dancing with Life: dancing with life is both a literal instruction and a metaphorical tool for Jolynne. We need to be able to change and adapt, and Jolynne loves helping people get their power back.

Consulting/advising vs. Coaching: consultants have expertise in a specific area and can provide advice and recommendations on that topic. Coaching is about finding the wisdom within, tapping into each person’s wisdom within and true potential. If you want transformation, it needs to come from you. Do, learn, grow, try it all! …And when you’re ready for exponential shifts and growth, get a good coach.

The importance of ownership: “If it’s not your own creation and your own exploration and expanding your thinking and possibility… you’re just going for the next thing, the next person to give advice, like external people have all the answers.” – Jolynne Anderson

Overcoming codependence with relationship coaching: Jolynne reinvented her marriage with the help of her coach and her willing husband. They had unwittingly created their parents’ marriages and what they thought they “should” do, learned how to communicate and support each other in creating what they really want. She continues to offer relationship coaching and studies compassionate communication.

Making powerful distinctions: distinguishing Facts vs. Interpretation, understanding your needs and triggers and those of your partner, family, and colleagues, learning to be the CEO of your self.

Stepping into our power: trusting intuition and inner knowing, listening to our wisdom. Expanding our ability to listen to ourselves can also improve our listening to and connection with others.

Jolynne’s own experience hiring a coach: mysterious illness, feeling like there was something more to life, considering divorce, the breakthrough of investing in herself. Fascinating in our experience how effective coaching can be for clients with Fibromyalgia and other mysterious health challenges (of course, alongside the support of a physician!).

Finding the Right Coach

Jolynne also shared some advice on finding a personal or executive coach that will help you transform your life:

 “We have the power to create what we want.” – Jolynne Anderson

Questions for Reflection

  • Have you ever hired a coach or have you thought about it?
  • What daily practices set you up to win at life?
  • What inner wisdom do you need to listen to right now?
  • What transformation do you want in 2022?

I would love to hear about your experience and questions!

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