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Standing in Beauty in 2023 – Word / Intention of the Year

Twenty twenty-three, lovely as can be,

a time to create and witness BEAUTY!

Blythe’s “dashboard” for the year, with word / stand / intention for 2023: Beauty

Resolutions Can’t Be Rushed

To be honest, my reflection an reset/refresh process going into a new year does not end on January 1st, and I’m not starting 2o23 with my resolutions, goals, or intentions all fleshed out.

Grateful to have had the time to start the process however, identifying some wins and stops, tallying habits, looking at results and lessons, and deciding what practices to take into the new year.

Celebrated during the holiday season, had quality time with my love and friends, then plunged into journaling my heart out, processing, letting go.

A Refreshing Reset

It takes time and can be a messy, involved process, but I love that refreshed re-set feeling that a new year, changing seasons, or other transitions can bring.

Now I’ve landed on a stand or word for the year which will be my guiding light, and will return to again and again as I navigate what is so come.

Beauty Drives Curiosity & Luck

As philosopher Elaine Scarry argued in the book “This willingness to continually revise one’s own location in order to place oneself in the path of beauty is the basic impulse underlying education. One submits oneself to other minds (teachers) in order to increase the chance that one will be looking in the right direction when a comet makes its sweep across a certain patch of sky.” (p.7)

Staying Present to Our Intentions

Using a couple tools to help keep me present to this intention, I wrote that little poem fragment and added it to a “dashboard” that is part of my bullet journal and also contains important stuff like my Essence, Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Artist’s Prayer.

May your year also be filled with opportunities to witness and create beauty.

Questions for Reflection

  • What intention or word of the year would you choose?
  • How will you stay present to your intention when life happens?

Resources for Further Exploration

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