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Adaptive Adult Summer Dance Intensive, Week 3

During July, each week I am sharing a fully adaptable “Summer Dance Intensive” program to develop body and mind for those who would like to be immersed in dance or yoga and don’t have the chance to attend such a workshop in-person. The suggested free sequences can provide a complement or bridge to online or in-studio practice. You can tailor the program to your needs, with anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours per day and any level of experience!

Have fun customizing your program for your current condition, skills, and lifestyle, and please let me know what questions you have and how I can best serve you! I would be delighted to work with you individually to help design and execute your ideal training program- just email me at blythe@ablythecoach.com to book a consultation

If you’re just joining me for the Summer Dance Intensive, be sure to get the scoop on Week One and Week Two first.

Week Three Overview

Week 3 expands on our foundation and centering from the first two weeks, building an Oriented State of Being and connecting with the Element of Water. We will flow into some improvisation which will later lead to composition, and continue to develop movement vocabulary and skill through dance exercises and appreciation.

This week you can choose to dive deeper into viewing and reflecting on choreographic works, yoga, breathing, and meditation practices, modern dance, or ballet. If jumping is appropriate for you, in ballet/dance we begin to practice becoming airborne as well as continuing work with the Elements of Dance of the Body, Shape, and Space. 

Recommended Viewing: Post:ballet’s “Swan Lake” for dance appreciation (use the Dance Appreciation Observation Tool can help with note-taking), and my “Planes of Space & the Body”  & “Ballet Orientations of the Body” videos for theoretical framework.

Recommended Reading: Dance Criticism Model Tool, Spatial Dimensions and Planes blog.

Recommended Listening: Podcasts 003: Finding an Oriented State of Being & 012: Acknowledgement, Révérence, & Namaste.

Having laid a solid foundation, if we’re up for it, this week we launch into the air (with stretched feet!) as in this photo of me performing royale at the barre

Week 3 Basic Daily Practices

Day 15: Planking Pleasures (@2:38-5:34), Kicky Floor Kicks (@6:02-8:14), Powerful Pliés (@12:53-16:55), Tempting Tendus (@5:57-9:05), Saucy Prances & Sautés (10:37) [10-25 minutes]

Day 16: Ankle Alphabets (@00:47-2:30), Sweet Leg Swings [13:20], Sensational Caterpillar Walks (@5:48-6:56), Centre Tendu, Temps Lié & Body Directions (11:09) [25 minutes]

Day 17: Towel Toes (@2:05-5:01), Planking Pleasures (@2:38-5:34), Powerful Pliés (@12:53-16:55), Saucy Prances & Sautés (7:05-10:18), Ballet 1st Port de Bras (5:51) [15-20 minutes]

Day 18: Beatific Boats (5:07-5:46), Plush Paralleleves (3:17-5:28), Powerful Pliés (@12:53-16:55), Tempting Tendus (@5:57-9:05), Ravishing Rond de Jambe (15:36) [15-25 minutes]

Day 19: Ankle Alphabets (@00:47-2:30), Buoyant Bridges (5:44-8:09), Saucy Prances & Sautés (7:05-10:18), Rollicking Pas de Bourrée (8:21) [15-20 minutes]

Day 20: Intro to Hip Stretches (14:49) 

Day 21: Slow Your Roll – Gentle Circles Yoga (21:47)

Resources for Your Personal Dance Intensive

The Ballet Movement Vocabulary Hyperdoc is an interactive syllabus of ballet steps, techniques, and concepts. The Student Profile & Intended Results form can be a reflective tool for you to formulate your objectives, as well as help me tailor content to fit your needs. For more information on designing training to achieve your dancing dreams, check out the Goal Setting for Dancers blog as well.

You can follow some or all of the daily plan above, or sample à la carte steps and exercises from the playlists below:

Dance Practice Video playlists

Body-Part Specific Conditioning & Cross-Training video playlists

Yoga & Pranayama Practice playlists

Theory Video playlists

Opportunities to Move Together Live

I am teaching Sunday morning hybrid Yoga class (online and in-studio at Tanzschule Tanzraum Zentrum in Cologne Germany) @11:00 CEST, Tuesday morning online Yoga class @6:15 CEST, and Tuesday morning online Ballet class @8:00 CEST on Zoom (Tuesday morning German time is Monday evening in HI, late night on the US mainland).

Delighted to offer further group or private lessons by request, just schedule a consultation to discuss.

I am also continuing to go “Live” every weekday on social media to practice the day’s movements together and answer your questions, so join me there for more fun and support! 

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DISCLAIMER: A Blythe Coach recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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