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February was for Love, Eating Disorder Awareness, Dancing Up a Storm – 2024 Month 2 Review

I hope you had a February full of your favorite things. For me, the month included celebrating Black History Month (02:25 in the video below) along with creators @plantkween @blairimani @isaiah_esquire @black.nutritionist @queeragenda), Leap Day, the first flowers of the year (07:20 in the video below), these birdsongs and the First Flower Full Moon, Valentine’s Day, Karneval (a huge deal in Cologne), and Eating Disorders Awareness Week as well as my ongoing work and projects and other special events.

Happy Lunar New Year as well to those who celebrated!

“Am I your Instagram boyfriend?” – Ela, cameraperson for “R,” best gf

Ela and I, Cologne skyline on the scene of my “R” Alphabet Superset video

February Mood & Timeline

In February things tend to get rolling for the year and 2024 was no different, as I taught and coached online, regular classes in schools and studios as well as additionally substitute teaching for colleagues on vacation.

Working on exercises and technique for a ballet exam coming up, as well as foundational work for centre, turns, and jumps with my adult students. Choreography sketches for Alphabet Superset continued to be a creative focus, and we took part in a lot of socializing for Karneval and other events.

Lots of friends, family, colleagues, and students also got sick this month, but I managed to stay well, which was a huge blessing as I worked to make progress with my first quarter goals.

With winter still in effect and spring flirting with us, I drank a lot of coffee and cocoa and curled up in flannel a lot in February, but also tried to get out and enjoy the moments of sun and witness the phenomenal early signs that spring is coming!

Teaching & Coaching

Started to get “in the swing” of my spring schedule of classes and sessions in February, though I anticipate shifts and changes through the season and year. Kept very active also substitute teaching for multiple colleagues and trialing classes in a new location.

Online Mindful Movement classes in Balletlicious Ballet Barre+ and Yummy Gentle Yoga have been ongoing, and I will continue to share as further offerings become available and my schedule evolves this spring and beyond.

Reflecting on February in my BuJo video on YouTube, links provided for major topics

Bullet Journaling & Planning

The above YouTube Video is a flip-through of February 2024 in my “Winter” Nov-Feb Seasonal Book Bullet Journal, with some commentary and thoughts along the way and links sprinkled throughout this article.

In February I completed my March setup in a new “Spring” Seasonal/Quarterly Book (Moleskine Cahiers last me 3-4 months for this purpose), updated my Monthly, Weekly, and Daily logs and Annual Collections. One of the Annual Collections I had the opportunity to update is my “Twenty-four 24s in 2024,” for which I detail below under “Creative Chosen Challenges.”

Creative Chosen Challenges

Hosting and participating in challenges and workshops has already become an important part of 2024 as they were in 2023. Here are a few I hosted and participated in last month:

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This year I signed on to be an Eating Disorders Awareness Week collaborator again (04:35 in video), as this is an issue close to my heart and personal experiences along with many I know.

Personally, I continue to learn about anti-diet nutrition, Health At Every Size, developing a neutral relationship to body and food through inspirational leaders in these spaces.

Here’s a recap of what I shared each day of EDAW 2024:

Monday 26.2 Filmed an ​EDAW Greeting Video​ and shared it on IG

Tuesday 27.2 Re-shared “Dancing Body Acceptance with Dietician Fumi Somehara​” an article and podcast episode 074, Part 1 of my mini-series on Dancing Body Acceptance from 2021 and still relevant today!

Wednesday 28.2 Re-shared “​Dance Recovering from Eating Disorder with Dietician Mona ‘Kai’ Iguchi​,” an article and podcast episode 075, Part 2 of my mini-series on Dancing Body Acceptance. Kai is a Dietician working in eating disorder recovery, an adult ballet dancer, and nonbinary (they/them pronouns) who has connected me with a wealth of wonderful resources when it comes to dancing nutrition, eating disorder treatment, equity and access. They were also a ballet student of mine at the University of Hawai’i!

Thursday 29.2 Recommended a bunch of ​Body-Positive and Anti-Diet Creators who inspire me​, including yoga teachers, coaches, dancers, therapists, nutritionists and other creators who foster diversity and inclusion like:














Friday 1.3

IG that my EDAW might be complete as of today, but body bias, stigma, toxic diet culture and disordered eating must be addressed year-round. I commit to body-positivity in my classes and programs and continuing to grow in my relationship to food, eating, diversity, and inclusion.

A few more excellent resources to check out are:

In the first couple months of the year, I completed a few of my “Twenty-four 24s”

Twenty-Four 24s in 2024: Keeping Track of Projects & Practices

As I wrote about in my Twenty-Four 24s in 2024 article, for each of the 24 chosen metrics I mean to make at least 24 contributions, and in this way consistently support my major goals and most valued priorities.

Some of the activities truly do fall about every two weeks, some being weekly or even daily (such as yoga practice, meditation, and reading), I will arrive at my goal at a different rate for each type of action, but each is something that I value and want to nurture.

Being daily rituals, I had completed twenty-four Daily Logs, Yoga, Meditation, Gratitude, & German Language practices by January 24th (12:10 in the video above) and I also surpassed that number of Movement Classes Taught in the first month of the year. With setting up for the year, quarter, and months ahead, I’ve also already made over 24 Bullet Journal Spreads. Social Media Posts (IG specifically) followed in week 6. Which of my 24s will I accomplish next?

Daily language learning on Duolingo reached a 1,600 streak February 2nd!

Alphabet Superset

The Alphabet Superset (03:30 in the video) challenge with Campbell Walker, aka Struthless, which began in 2023, continues into 2024. Everyone I know who is participating is behind schedule, but we are hanging in there!

I published 3 micro video choreos to TikTok and Instagram in February:

S-Z still to go as the year progresses!

Writing & Publishing Articles

Reflection and completion very much continuing to be major themes in my thinking and writing, in February I published two articles to the blog:

Filming & Sharing Videos

I published four videos to the A Blythe Coach YouTube Channel in February, meeting my monthly posting goal sharing dance and creative journaling content:

2023 Annual Bullet Journal Collections flip-through video on YouTube
2023 Monthly & Weekly Bullet Journal Collections flip-through video on YouTube
Swans on the Lake Ballet Warm-up video on YouTube
A Dancey Day in My Journals vlog-style video on YouTube

Connecting through Email & Social Media

I sent four weekly Email Newsletters in February (11:00), was active on Instagram and Facebook, and am on TikTok in order to post my Alphabet Superset micro choreo videos. In 2024, I plan to review overall performance metrics and strategy on a quarterly basis, so I won’t analyze every single number every month. Let’s keep creating, sharing, and interacting and we’ll see where we are again soon at the end of March/Quarter 1.

The best way to keep up-to-date on everything I’m coaching, teaching, creating and sharing about as well as my favorite work from other creators is to subscribe to my weekly email newsletter. Would love to be connected to you there, here, on social media, online or in-person!

We went all “Everything Everywhere All At Once” for Koeln Karneval in February (after the 2023 film)

Arts & Culture

Highlights in the areas of culture, art, and sport for February:

Karneval (10:00) Weiberfastnacht Thursday we hosted a brunch with friends before going out dancing and Rosenmontag (Monday) we watched the big parade on TV with my girlfriend’s Dad and a delicious German meal. Not all of the political floats were to my taste, but it was delightful and unique as always. Some events we were planning on were cancelled due to illness, but overall a very festive time that helps us get through an otherwise fairly dreary time of year.

We (Ela & I) completed our Tango Argentino beginner class at Tanzraum (Basic, Ocho, Cortado) and are continuing in March! I’m learning to lead a pair or ballroom dance for the first time and Ela is following and it is every bit as challenging, technical, and exciting as we hoped and we’re having fun so far.

Media Musings

What did I enjoy reading, hearing, and seeing in February?

Happy to chat further about what I’m reading and enjoying as we mosey into the year, and to hear about what you recommend I read, listen to, see or otherwise experience next.

Books & Reading

I finished two novels in February (05:40 in video), comfort reads which I had put on hold as eBooks through my library on Libby for “Fall” reading and became available:

  • Finished Happy Place by Emily Henry, a sweet and well-written romance
  • Also completed The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling, originally recommended on Soul+Wit, and not necessarily a top read of the year, but an entertaining paranormal romance that would be perfect during spooky season (spicy). One gem that suits my 2024 Word/Stand of the Year: “Rhys might have been The Fool, but maybe she was, too, because she realized that the image, a person walking merrily off a cliff, wasn’t necessarily about being reckless. It was about taking a leap and trusting something—someone—would catch you.” 
  • Started Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper: “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets The L Word…”     
Music & Listening

In February I listened to and continued editing the playlist I created in January, Quantum Leaping into 2024, a balletic new year’s soundtrack.

Actively working with playlists such as my in-progress

Alphabet Superset music, ABC Choreo Music Ideas, and playlists for each of the classes that I teach, with more seasonal fun in the works.

Songs that particularly stuck with me in February, some newer and some older (which I mention in the video at 06:05):

  • “Never Ending Song”
  • “In my head”
  • “Rush” the track for “R”
  • “Escapism”
  • “W.I.T.C.H.”
  • “Everything is Everything” just a classic
  • “Padam Padam” the track for “P”
  • “Quick” the track for “Q”
  • “Get Him Back” a recent student fave


This section is about Films & Series seen (06:40), particularly outstanding YouTube videos watched and so forth.

  • Nimona” Film on Netflix is a modern animated adventure
  • “Queer Eye” Series (complete season)
  • “Mer-people” Series (complete)
  • “Naked and Afraid” Series (regularly)
  • “The Germinator” Series (occasionally)
  • “The Brothers Sun” (complete)
  • “The Bear” (regularly)
New windows (Ela re-installed the cat shelf), a major February home event

Look forward to sharing how in March I took part in International Women’s Day and invite you to special events for Dance Week, Coaching Week and more coming up soon! Enjoy your Karneval and Easter candy and see you again soon (11:00).

Questions for Reflection

  • What did your last month look like?
  • Which annual intentions or resolutions are you carrying forward?
  • What plans do you have for the coming month, quarter, season?
  • What creative inputs and media should I check out next?
  • How can I support you in going after your dreams?
The first Daffodil bravely displaying that Spring is on it’s way!

Resources for Further Exploration

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