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Creative Next Steps: Alphabet Superset Challenge – My Entrée to TikTok Dance (or whatever media you so choose)

The time is ripe for a new creative challenge, and one crossed my path just recently that I’m excited to jump into, Struthless’ Alphabet Superset” Challenge!

Encompassing 26 weeks of letter inspiration plus breaks, and lots of structures of support for all artists and creators regardless of medium or experience level, it’s shaping up to be an inspirational and rampantly productive time.

All are welcome to the burgeoning supportive community and participation is free.

Here is Struthless’ original invitation video to introduce the project:

Alphabet Superset Challenge invitation video here

How the Program Works

In the words of Struthless, “You probably want to know what you’re getting yourself into! For a summary of the project, check out this Overview.

For a breakdown of what you’ll be doing, have a read of How it Works.

This will let you know what to do next.”

A-Week begins on Monday the 4th of September, and making art together in real time is going to be powerful, but you can also jump in anytime.

Create whatever sort of alphabet challenge you like and Struthless will provide helpful resources to narrow your focus and generate juicy parameters for prolific creativity.

This challenge is a fairly big commitment, so if it is for you I look forward to seeing what you get up to, but if you’d prefer a shorter-term but still concentrated creative challenge, there are a few ideas below under Resources for further Exploration.

I also announced my intention to do the Superset in this video on Instagram.

My Personal Challenge

The variety of projects I’ve seen folks taking on so far is astounding! That said, it’s good for each project to have a tight focus to create lots of ideas and ultimately a cohesive body of work. A range of examples is also provided in the worksheets provided when you join the challenge.

Here’s what the details are shaping up to look like for me, with the assistance of the worksheets in the program and my current curiosity:

  • 10-20 Second Weekly Small Space Video Micro-Choreographies
  • Shared to TikTok (@blythelydancing), IG and/or Facebook, YouTube (all @ablythecoach)

Sharing to social media for the purposes of the Alphabet Superset challenge, I have no expectations or intention of trying to go “viral.” This goal is not concerned with metrics of social media performance or external “success”, but in order to have a playful form of accountability and build community with other creators within the project.

It’s going to be me, movement, my iPhone, music, & TikTok/IG in my personal project

Purpose of Participation

Although dance is my specialty, this format is outside of my comfort zone, so I wanted to use the motivation and shared risk-taking joie de vivre to propel me to continue to be a learner in the form, along with my students. Full disclosure: I’ve avoided participating in TikTok until now, so this will be my first contribution to the platform!

I intend to explore what’s possible with the vertical/portrait smart phone video orientation, as well as size-, location-, and viewpoint-specific choreography, and popular music. Also here to encourage others to dance, move, and create in their own way!

The whole challenge will help keep my knowledge of today’s dances and dance students up-to-date, while also refining my own artistic voice.

Created a collection in my Bullet Journal to plot, plan, brainstorm, celebrate

Structures for Success

Here’s where participating in a structured creative challenge is full of juicy potential! Struthless has provided some really fun and helpful worksheets for those who join the free challenge, so I definitely recommend signing up and using those if it piques your interest.

In addition, I am also using:

  • A Bullet Journal and Dry-Erase Board, a Morning Pages Notebook, stationery supplies
  • A variety of settings to inspire movement
  • Real-Life Community
  • Online Community (IG, TT, Email Newsletter subscribers)

Questions for Reflection

  • In what media do you create or wish to?
  • Will you join me in giving the Alphabet Superset or another creative challenge a go?
  • What structures of support do you need to help you succeed at the challenge?

Resources for further Exploration

Creative Challenges are a great way to experience prolific artistic output
What I learned from writing a daily Haiku poem in 2021
My experience writing memoir stories for Camp NaNoWriMo 2023
Blog announcement of my participation in Camp NaNoWriMo July 2023
Get Down Daily Dance Challenge is an online creativity challenge

Feel free to reach out to me via email or on Instagram​ @ablythecoac​​h​, I’d love to hear what you’re creating and I’m grateful we’re connected.

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