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10 Ways to Joyfully Work with Me in 2023 – Connect, Collaborate, & Contribute to A Blythe Coach

I know, a whole list-icle featuring none other than my own creations and services, right? But hey, you’ve come this far, so you must jive with something in my offerings and approach.

Heartfelt thanks if you already support my work in any way, currently or in the past. Just showing up means a lot.

Perhaps you already enjoy my offerings in-studio or online and would like to know in what ways we might further collaborate, or you are interested in supporting me in expanding what I can provide for your befit and that of others.

Whether your interests lie in mindful movement, dance, coaching, education, or personal growth, I’ve got something for you, and you’ve also got oodles of potential ways to support me in return 🙂

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Who am I?

If you’ve learned about me through someone else or stumbled across my work online and we’re not yet properly acquainted, hello! I am Blythe C. Stephens (they/she), a Hawai’i-raised and Cologne, Germany-based bliss-catalyzing coach, dance & yoga educator and creator of A Blythe Coach, helping multi-passionate creatives dance through their difficulties and take leaps of faith!

It would be a delight to connect with you on Instagram, where I regularly post and go live @ablythecoach and you can also learn more about my work here on my blog as well as on the A Blythe Coach podcast and YouTube channel (more about each of those avenues shortly).

My first major interests were ballet and theatre (along with reading, marine biology, visual art…) and I pursued conservatory training in dance on the East Coast at UNC School of the Arts, going on to pursue liberal arts education in philosophy at Whitman College and life coaching certification at Accomplishment Coaching, both on the West Coast, continuing to dance throughout. My MFA in Dance and teaching credential in secondary education I completed at the University of Hawai’i, with further yoga teacher training most recently in Cologne Germany. 

A multi-passionate creator myself, it is a balancing act to integrate my many interests and pursuits, educational programs, romantic relationships, and adventures. Having studied and worked in student success, ontological, and life coaching, higher education, dance choreography, performance, production, and education, my current projects and offerings reflect my passions for dance, mindful movement, and joyful living.

Glad that you are here with me to savor any and all of these ways to create and connect! What follows are ten ways for us to work together or support my work, from completely free and low-commitment offerings, to higher-cost, -commitment, and -value contributions.

Consult to Determine Fit

My approach is holistic, rigorous, and truly unique, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can experience the difference firsthand in a complimentary discovery call, available regardless of which of my services piques your interest.

Take the guesswork out of determining which of my offerings is best for you or how we might work together synergistically. Let’s connect or catch up!

Free / Low-Commitment

Gifts of Time & Energy

Let’s say you are digging all the value I offer my free offerings such as YouTube videos, blog articles, challenges, and email newsletter. You would like to help me continue to produce and improve my content, but you’re not in a position to contribute financially. No worries.

Or you are a student or client who is such a fan of my approach that you’d like to know what further ways you could support the work with a minimal monetary cost. Awesome!

In these cases, I suggest the following methods through which you may promote my creations so that they can benefit others as well, at no cost.

1. Subscribe and/or Leave a Review

Subscribing to my various channels, engaging with my posts, and leaving a positive review where available (LinkedIn, Social Media, directly to me to share…), are all great ways to get the information out to more folks who would enjoy it.

Following any of my channels and interacting with the content you like is a great start. Even more effective is to recommend specific videos, articles, or other media to particular people who might enjoy them, or share them with relevant groups you are a part of or your own social media channels. It’s fun when you tag me as well 🙂

Here is where I am showing up and you can follow/subscribe/review and so forth:

  • A Blythe Coach YouTube Channel – where I publish approximately-weekly videos on topics of mindful movement–ballet, dance, & yoga–, coaching, personal development, & growth. 
  • Weekly Email Newsletterthe best place to hear from me on a regular basis and be the first to hear about my newest creations and offerings, as well as favorite recommendations from other creators.
  • A Blythe Coach Podcastavailable wherever and whenever you like to listen to podcasts.
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

2. Collaborate 

Creative and mutually-beneficial collaborations could take place live in special events or workshops, working together virtually through videos, audio, written, or social media (above), or in other settings.

If it’s a match, I’d love to introduce my audience to your audience, provide professional and personal insights, participate in interviews (maybe you’d like to be a guest on my podcast or have me as a guest on yours?), and expand our mutual network of inspiring people.

What ideas would you like to bring to fruition and how might we link arms to make that happen?

Low-Cost / Commitment

If you’d be interested in making a financial contribution, small or large, here are some ways to do that currently. Your donations and payments for classes and coaching directly support my daily operations and I deeply appreciate your support!

3. Make a Donation through Tip Jar

You might have enjoyed a free offering such as my YouTube videos, blog articles, or podcast and wish to support me in continuing to provide these resources to all. How generous and thoughtful of you, please know that your contribution will go to continuing to improve my offerings and therefore the value I deliver back to you.

Here’s a great way to make a one-time donation, which will be greatly appreciated and support the sustainability of the work you enjoy:

Tip Jar” Link to make a contribution of any size

4. Live In-Studio Ballet, Dance, & Yoga

It feels so good to move mindfully together, whether in-studio in Germany where I am currently based, while guest teaching at home in Hawai’i, at locations in-between, or online in my virtual studio on Zoom. 

Those on my email list are the first to know where I am currently offering classes and coaching, both in-studio and virtually.

If you are in the neighborhood, take advantage of adult & teen ballet, yoga, or other courses with me live in-person at Tanzschule Tanzraum in Cologne, Germany, West Hawai’i Dance Theatre in Kailua-Kona, or elsewhere TBA.

Blythe in grand plie in first position by industrial docks in Cologne PC: Marina Weigl

5. Live Group Mindful Movement Courses Online

If you’ve enjoyed dancing along with my YouTube videos and want to take the next step, or would like to prepare for or supplement work together in-studio, joining my online studio might be for you.

Participate in mindful movement together–dance &/or yoga– with me live in-person on Zoom in a group or private study environment.

Consult with me 1:1 on a discovery call and try a free class to determine if these courses might be for you.

Learn more about my live online mindful movement group offerings here

Big-Ticket / Major Value

6. Private Courses & Coaching

My clients typically come to me for support around massive career shifts and tricky health challenges, as well as working through nasty breakups and other cataclysmic shifts. In short, folks dealing with radical change, whether it is chosen and wanted or totally unexpected, seek out coaching for effectively navigating thrilling and terrifying transitions. 

Some individuals prefer to work in a one-on-one environment to receive personalized feedback, intensive attention and support in a more private setting. This can help overcome obstacles and generate unprecedented momentum and power.

I have supported clients through transformations such as career transition, going back to school, taking on leadership positions, radical changes of medium, specialty and/or geography, coping with injury, disability, and diagnosis.

I’m here to help multi-passionate creatives to dance through their difficulties and take leaps of faith into purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Again, the best way to discuss how private coaching or classes would work is to sign up for a no-obligation discovery call.

7. Signature Coaching Program

My signature program, Dilemma to Delight, walks you through my framework step-by-step within a 1:1 coaching container.

In this structured yet individualized coaching program, you will accelerate your results and catalyze the changes that lead to joy and satisfaction.

The season of coaching moves through five stages, which comprise the essential elements of change, catalyzing your growth and transformation. We partner together to reveal your amazing essence, design clear action steps, provide accountability and inspiration in the projects and topics of focus, and deftly dance through obstacles.

More details and further testimonials also available on my coaching page.

8. Special Workshops, Speaking, Events

Got your own company or in a position where you would like to work together to present or teach in a corporate or educational setting? Let’s talk about your topics of interest and how to work together on such a project!

You do not have to be able to strike Firefly pose, pictured above to get the benefits of mindful movement PC: Marina Weigl

9. Positions in Secondary & Higher Education

A lifelong learner, I will always be studying, reflecting, and growing. It’s possible that working with colleges or universities could be a part of that, as I have greatly enjoyed my previous work in academic settings.

Working with teens and adults is of particular interest, as well as ballet and coaching for dancers of other styles and creatives of all stripes.

Please do pass along any positions or opportunities that sound like they may be of interest, and I’ll look forward to also sharing them to folks who could also be a fit.

10. What I haven’t yet imagined…

I’ve found it best to remain open to the unexpected, as surprising twists and turns have been a regular feature of my life experience so far. This leads to a lot of exciting adventures, fuels my creativity, and builds fun connections.

What possible opportunities have I not yet thought of? Your presence, ideas and input are highly valued.

Questions for Reflection

  • What ways to work together resonate most with you?
  • What is the next step?
  • How did you hear about my work or in what capacity have we worked together?
  • Have we danced or practiced mindful movement together, or would you like to try it out?
  • Have you been coached? 
  • What area of your life would you like to transform?
  • Who do you know who could benefit from my offerings?

Thank you for taking the time to consider creative ways we might support one another. Let’s keep in touch, and never hesitate to let me know if I can be of service!

Blythe Stephens, MFA, Bliss Catalyst
they/them or she/her
Creator of A Blythe Coach: dance through your difficulties
and take leaps of faith into a joyful, fulfilling life

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